National Broadband Network

Better broadband means better home security

When the National Broadband Network becomes available to your home or business, SGIO are committed to offering customers the option to upgrade their current security alarms to wireless alarm monitoring.

To find out when the NBN will be available at your home or business, visit the NBNCo website and check your address

What are the benefits of wireless alarm monitoring?

The benefits of wireless back-to-base alarm monitoring include:

  • A wireless communicator that easily integrates into your existing alarm equipment
  • Communication via a secure mobile network
  • More secure than traditional monitoring as no risk of your phone line being cut
  • Cheaper line rental costs, as no phone line is required for the alarm system to send signals back to our monitoring room

What happens if the NBN has not been upgraded in my area yet?

SGIO will continue your normal back to base monitoring services until NBN is available at your premises. Once the broadband network at your premises has been upgraded you will have the option to arrange for our team of expert technicians to upgrade your existing alarm.

For more information regarding the NBN, please visit the NBNCo website