Veteran, Vintage & Classic Car Insurance

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Love knows no age limits, nor does our insurance

At 90 years young, we’ve come to appreciate the qualities of ageing. It’s why our Veteran, Vintage and Classic Car Insurance gives older cars the love and respect they deserve.

Whether you drive a veteran (pre-1919), a vintage (1919-1930) or a classic (15 years or older) car, we can provide cover for its agreed value against accidental damage, a collision or crash, severe weather events, fire, and even theft, vandalism or malicious acts.

  • Decide who touches your pride and joy, with your choice of repairer
  • Cover for the agreed value of your car
  • Lifetime guarantee of workmanship on authorised repairs
  • Option to keep your damaged car if it's over 35 years of age at no cost
  • Up to $20 million in liability cover
  • WA’s a big state, but if your car breaks down more than 100km from home, we’ll be there
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More reasons to choose our vintage cover

Our Veteran, Vintage and Classic Car Insurance takes an old-fashioned approach to customer service too, giving you the following care, benefits# and additional features:

  • Emergency repairs up to $500^
  • Keys, locks and barrels up to $1,000 if stolen
  • Storage costs^
  • Towing from the scene of an incident to a repairer or other place we recommend
  • Trailer or caravan damage^^
  • Windscreen, sunroof and window glass damage
  • Traveller care
  • Helpline benefits
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All the important details you need to decide:

# Other benefits are not available for stationary engines we insure.
^ Following an incident we insure.
^^ Cover up to $500 if an incident we cover causes loss or damage to your trailer or caravan while it’s attached to or being towed by your car.
Insurance issued by Insurance Australia Limited ABN 11 000 016 722 AFSL 227681 trading as SGIC. This is general advice only so to see if a product is right for you, always consider your own circumstances and the Product Disclosure Statement available from SGIC.