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How to maintain a boat

Many people dream of owning their own boat, whether they’re experienced on water or not. The fresh air, the scenery and the sense of freedom are all tempting factors. However, the reality is that owning a boat can be exhausting and costly. Before you splash out, be aware that boats need plenty of regular attention and proper TLC to run smoothly and be safe at sea. You’ll also need adequate boat insurance, because if anything breaks or goes wrong with your vehicle, the costs can seriously mount up.

WA drivers urged to roo-main aware on the roads

With SGIO claims data showing that kangaroos account for over 75 per cent of all animal related collisions on SA roads, the insurer is urging drivers to be alert while at the wheel.

Be the master of your kitchen to avoid it going up in smoke

As we head into winter, SGIO is urging home chefs to be fire safety aware and to pay attention to what’s on the stove with its claims data showing one in four SA house fires start in the kitchen*. 

Updating your castle, time to update your policy

New research from SGIO shows that over one in three (36 per cent) SA households made renovations to their home in the last year and 70 per cent didn’t update their home insurance policy when the job was completed*. 

School bags jam-packed with technology

With research revealing 78 per cent of Australian high school students are carrying up to $1000 worth of technology items with them daily.

SGIO Insurance is urging parents to ensure the gadgets are protected as children head back to school*. 

Hark the Herald car park ding

As the Christmas shopping frenzy moves up a notch so do car park collisions according to new data from SGIO*.

Paws and secure your puppy

An SGIO test of popular pet harnesses has revealed that a number are not effective in restraining pets in common low speed collisions.

Spring clean stocktake at home

With around 75 per cent of Western Australian households spring cleaning, SGIO is encouraging people to use the opportunity to take stock of their belongings and do a few simple chores around the home*.   

Risking status updates while at the wheel

SGIO is calling for WA drivers to focus on the road while driving, with almost one in five (18 per cent) still using their mobile phone while at the wheel.

Rising roo risk for WA drivers

Animal collisions have increased by 26 per cent in the last calendar year according to new claims data from SGIO.