Media releases

WA motorists urged to mind their merging

SGIO is reminding South Australian drivers to take care and be vigilant when merging, with new research revealing merging is a common headache for many Australian drivers.

Shoppers beware of trolley dings

New data from SGIO has revealed that last year in South Australia, Wednesday was the most common day for drivers to have a run in with a shopping trolley, with collisions peaking at 10am and 3pm*.

Recreational drone users advised to check cover before take-off

SGIO is encouraging budding drone pilots to check their insurance cover before taking to the skies over the holiday season.

Beware of car park dings this Christmas in SA

As the Christmas shopping frenzy starts to increase, so do car park collisions according to data released today from SGIO.

Don’t get a roo’d awakening this winter

SGIO Insurance has revealed nearly 75 per cent of animal collisions on South Australian roads involve kangaroos, with the number of animal-related crashes peaking during July and August.

WA families urged to be cautious in the kitchen this winter

New data from SGIO has revealed more than a third (31%) of South Australian house fires start in the kitchen, while faulty appliances were responsible for 15 per cent of residential blazes in the last year.

If you can’t lock it down, make sure you lock it up this Easter

New data from SGIO has revealed portable electronic and storage devices are the most common items stolen from SA households, highlighting the risk of personal data being accessed or used by thieves after a robbery.

‘Tis the season for SA car park collisions

With Christmas cheer almost here, SGIO Insurance is calling for SA drivers to take extra care when hitting the shops as car park collisions spike in December.

When driving in the school zone, stress less

With research showing one in three Australian drivers are getting stressed when dropping off or collecting children from school, SGIO is urging all drivers to keep their cool when school goes back next week.

How to maintain a boat

Many people dream of owning their own boat, whether they’re experienced on water or not. The fresh air, the scenery and the sense of freedom are all tempting factors. However, the reality is that owning a boat can be exhausting and costly. Before you splash out, be aware that boats need plenty of regular attention and proper TLC to run smoothly and be safe at sea. You’ll also need adequate boat insurance, because if anything breaks or goes wrong with your vehicle, the costs can seriously mount up.