Making communities safer

Through our Community Grants program and road safety, crime prevention and emergency readiness and response partnerships, we support a range of community organisations and programs, focusing on promoting safety and reducing risk in the community.

After all, fewer risks lead to fewer claims and that's good news for the community, our customers, our employees, and our business.

 Road Safety

We have a long history of working with community groups to change behaviours and reduce the frequency and severity of incidents on the road.


Each year more than 350 Australian children are killed and 60,000 hospitalised due to injuries that could have been avoided*.

Our partnership with Kidsafe (Child Accident Prevention Foundation of Australia) aims to support parents and carers to improve child safety.

Kidsafe is the leading Australian non-government, not-for-profit, charitable organisation dedicated to the prevention of unintentional injuries affecting children under 15 years of age.

We work with Kidsafe to support their road safety programs that promote the correct use of car restraints, improve home driveway and school car park safety, pedestrian safety and bicycle safety.

One of the major and preventable causes of child deaths and serious unintentional injury is a child not wearing an approved, appropriate and properly used car restraint. To help parents and carers, Kidsafe and SGIO are offering free child restraint checks.

Last year, we worked with Kidsafe to correctly fit more than 15,000 child restraints in NSW, the ACT, QLD and WA.

To improve driveway safety, we also produce a Reversing Visibility Index (RVI) that measures how well a driver can see out the back of a car, promoted through brochures and media.

Find out about Kidsafe in your local area at

* Source: Kidsafe WA:

 Crime Prevention

We support organisations that increase security and safety through crime prevention. This includes programs that help change attitudes and practices of people towards protecting property and people.

 Emergency Readiness & Response

We support and run community education programs that help people deal with emergency situations such as fire or storms.